Here’s why District 19’s biggest projects suffered from lower than expected take-up rates

There is good news for all investors in Affinity at Serangoon Condos! The infrastructure of Singapore’s public transport is expected to boost up its underground line project. And there have been project indications, as per which the MRT train network is expected to double its existing numbers of networks by the year 2030. As a result, all residents at Affinity at Serangoon Condos will be benefitted by amazing public transport connectivity in the future with walking distance from the MRT station.

The new Serangoon North station will be a quick 10 minute walk from about 80% of homes located in Affinity at Serangoon. After the announcement of this new development in the CRL, there has been a sudden rise in sales of Affinity at Serangoon Condos. Just in a matter of two months, more than 100 condo units have been sold under the Oxley-led project.

Access to public transport is a great deal for property buyers while making a final deal, and with this new development in Singapore’s public transport infrastructure; the Affinity project is expected to take a huge leap in the number of unit sales.



Affinity at Serangoon

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